Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker
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Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker


This Ansible playbook is meant to help you run your own Matrix homeserver, along with the various services related to that.

That is, it lets you join the Matrix network using your own @<username>:<your-domain> identifier, all hosted on your own server (see prerequisites).

We run all services in Docker containers (see the container images we use), which lets us have a predictable and up-to-date setup, across multiple supported distros (see prerequisites) and architectures (x86/amd64 being recommended).

Installation (upgrades) and some maintenance tasks are automated using Ansible (see our Ansible guide).

Self-hosting or SaaS

This Ansible playbook tries to make self-hosting and maintaining a Matrix server fairly easy. Still, running any service smoothly requires knowledge, time and effort.

If you like the FOSS spirit of this Ansible playbook, but prefer to put the responsibility on someone else, you can also get a managed Matrix server from - a service built on top of this Ansible playbook, which can help you run a Matrix server with ease.

If you like learning and experimentation, but would rather reduce future maintenance effort, you can even go for a hybrid approach - self-hosting manually using this Ansible playbook at first and then transferring server maintenance to at a later time.

Supported services

Using this playbook, you can get the following list of services configured on your server. Basically, this playbook aims to get you up-and-running with all the necessities around Matrix, without you having to do anything else.

Note: the list below is exhaustive. It includes optional or even some advanced components that you will most likely not need. Sticking with the defaults (which install a subset of the above components) is the best choice, especially for a new installation. You can always re-run the playbook later to add or remove components.


The homeserver is the backbone of your matrix system. Choose one from the following list.

Name Default? Description Documentation
Synapse Storing your data and managing your presence in the Matrix network Link
Conduit x Storing your data and managing your presence in the Matrix network. Conduit is a lightweight open-source server implementation of the Matrix Specification with a focus on easy setup and low system requirements Link
Dendrite x Storing your data and managing your presence in the Matrix network. Dendrite is a second-generation Matrix homeserver written in Go, an alternative to Synapse. Link


Web clients for matrix that you can host on your own domains.

Name Default? Description Documentation
Element Web UI, which is configured to connect to your own Synapse server by default Link
Hydrogen x Lightweight matrix client with legacy and mobile browser support Link
Cinny x Simple, elegant and secure web client Link
SchildiChat x Based on Element, with a more traditional instant messaging experience Link

Server Components

Services that run on the server to make the various parts of your installation work.

Name Default? Description Documentation
PostgreSQL Database for Synapse. Using an external PostgreSQL server is also possible. Link
Coturn STUN/TURN server for WebRTC audio/video calls Link
Traefik Web server, listening on ports 80, 443 and 8448 - standing in front of all the other services. Using your own webserver is possible Link
Let's Encrypt Free SSL certificate, which secures the connection to all components Link
ma1sd x Matrix Identity Server Link
Exim Mail server, through which all Matrix services send outgoing email (can be configured to relay through another SMTP server) Link
Dimension x An open source integrations manager for matrix clients Link
Sygnal x Push gateway Link
ntfy x Push notifications server Link


Extend and modify how users are authenticated on your homeserver.

Name Default? Description Documentation
matrix-synapse-rest-auth (advanced) x REST authentication password provider module Link
matrix-synapse-shared-secret-auth (advanced) x Password provider module Link
matrix-synapse-ldap3 (advanced) x LDAP Auth password provider module Link
matrix-ldap-registration-proxy (advanced) x A proxy that handles Matrix registration requests and forwards them to LDAP. Link
matrix-registration x A simple python application to have a token based matrix registration Link

File Storage

Use alternative file storage to the default media_store folder.

Name Default? Description Documentation
Goofys x Amazon S3 (or other S3-compatible object store) storage for Synapse's content repository (media_store) files Link
synapse-s3-storage-provider x Amazon S3 (or other S3-compatible object store) storage for Synapse's content repository (media_store) files Link
matrix-media-repo x matrix-media-repo is a highly customizable multi-domain media repository for Matrix. Intended for medium to large deployments, this media repo de-duplicates media while being fully compliant with the specification. Link


Bridges can be used to connect your matrix installation with third-party communication networks.

Name Default? Description Documentation
mautrix-discord x Bridge to Discord Link
mautrix-slack x Bridge to Slack Link
mautrix-telegram x Bridge to Telegram Link
mautrix-gmessages x Bridge to Google Messages Link
mautrix-whatsapp x Bridge to WhatsApp Link
mautrix-facebook x Bridge to Facebook Link
mautrix-twitter x Bridge to Twitter Link
mautrix-hangouts x Bridge to Google Hangouts Link
mautrix-googlechat x Bridge to Google Chat Link
mautrix-instagram x Bridge to Instagram Link
mautrix-signal x Bridge to Signal Link
beeper-linkedin x Bridge to LinkedIn Link
matrix-appservice-irc x Bridge to IRC Link
matrix-appservice-discord x Bridge to Discord Link
matrix-appservice-slack x Bridge to Slack Link
matrix-appservice-webhooks x Bridge for slack compatible webhooks (ConcourseCI, Slack etc. pp.) Link
matrix-hookshot x Bridge for generic webhooks and multiple project management services, such as GitHub, GitLab, Figma, and Jira in particular Link
matrix-sms-bridge x Bridge to SMS Link
Heisenbridge x Bouncer-style bridge to IRC Link
go-skype-bridge x Bridge to Skype Link
mx-puppet-slack x Bridge to Slack Link
mx-puppet-instagram x Bridge for Instagram-DMs (Instagram) Link
mx-puppet-twitter x Bridge for Twitter-DMs (Twitter) Link
mx-puppet-discord x Bridge to Discord Link
mx-puppet-groupme x Bridge to GroupMe Link
mx-puppet-steam x Bridge to Steam Link
Email2Matrix x Bridge for relaying emails to Matrix rooms Link


Bots provide various additional functionality to your installation.

Name Default? Description Documentation
matrix-reminder-bot x Bot for scheduling one-off & recurring reminders and alarms Link
matrix-registration-bot x Bot for invitations by creating and managing registration tokens Link
maubot x A plugin-based Matrix bot system Link
honoroit x A helpdesk bot Link
Postmoogle x Email to matrix bot Link
Go-NEB x A multi functional bot written in Go Link
Mjolnir x A moderation tool for Matrix Link
Draupnir x A moderation tool for Matrix (Fork of Mjolnir) Link
Buscarron x Web forms (HTTP POST) to matrix Link
matrix-chatgpt-bot x ChatGPT from matrix Link


Services that help you in administrating and monitoring your matrix installation.

Name Default? Description Documentation
synapse-admin x A web UI tool for administrating users and rooms on your Matrix server Link
Metrics and Graphs x Consists of the Prometheus time-series database server, the Prometheus node-exporter host metrics exporter, and the Grafana web UI Link
Borg x Backups Link
Rageshake x Bug report server Link


Various services that don't fit any other category.

Name Default? Description Documentation
sliding-sync x Sliding Sync support for clients which require it (e.g. Element X) Link
synapse_auto_accept_invite x A Synapse module to automatically accept invites. Link
synapse_auto_compressor x A cli tool that automatically compresses state_groups database table in background. Link
synapse-simple-antispam (advanced) x A spam checker module Link
Matrix Corporal (advanced) x Reconciliator and gateway for a managed Matrix server Link
Etherpad x An open source collaborative text editor Link
Jitsi x An open source video-conferencing platform Link
Cactus Comments x A federated comment system built on matrix Link
Pantalaimon x An E2EE aware proxy daemon Link


To configure and install Matrix on your own server, follow the README in the docs/ directory.


This playbook evolves over time, sometimes with backward-incompatible changes.

When updating the playbook, refer to the changelog to catch up with what's new.


You may also be interested in mash-playbook - another Ansible playbook for self-hosting non-Matrix services (see its List of supported services).

mash-playbook also makes use of Traefik as its reverse-proxy, so with minor interoperability adjustments, you can make matrix-docker-ansible-deploy and mash-playbook co-exist and host Matrix and non-Matrix services on the same server.