Matrix (An open network for secure, decentralized communication) server setup using Ansible and Docker
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# Shows help
@just --list --justfile {{ justfile() }}
# Pulls external Ansible roles
#!/usr/bin/env sh
if [ -x "$(command -v agru)" ]; then
rm -rf roles/galaxy
ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml -p roles/galaxy/ --force
# Updates requirements.yml if there are any new tags available. Requires agru
@agru -u
# Runs ansible-lint against all roles in the playbook
# Runs the playbook with --tags=install-all,ensure-matrix-users-created,start and optional arguments
install-all *extra_args: (run-tags "install-all,ensure-matrix-users-created,start" extra_args)
# Runs installation tasks for a single service
install-service service *extra_args:
just --justfile {{ justfile() }} run \
--tags=install-{{ service }},start-group \
--extra-vars=group={{ service }} \
--extra-vars=devture_systemd_service_manager_service_restart_mode=one-by-one {{ extra_args }}
# Runs the playbook with --tags=setup-all,ensure-matrix-users-created,start and optional arguments
setup-all *extra_args: (run-tags "setup-all,ensure-matrix-users-created,start" extra_args)
# Runs the playbook with the given list of arguments
run +extra_args:
ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts setup.yml {{ extra_args }}
# Runs the playbook with the given list of comma-separated tags and optional arguments
run-tags tags *extra_args:
just --justfile {{ justfile() }} run --tags={{ tags }} {{ extra_args }}
# Runs the playbook in user-registration mode
register-user username password admin_yes_or_no *extra_args:
ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts setup.yml --tags=register-user --extra-vars="username={{ username }} password={{ password }} admin={{ admin_yes_or_no }}" {{ extra_args }}
# Starts all services
start-all *extra_args: (run-tags "start-all" extra_args)
# Starts a specific service group
start-group group *extra_args:
@just --justfile {{ justfile() }} run-tags start-group --extra-vars="group={{ group }}" {{ extra_args }}
# Stops all services
stop-all *extra_args: (run-tags "stop-all" extra_args)
# Stops a specific service group
stop-group group *extra_args:
@just --justfile {{ justfile() }} run-tags stop-group --extra-vars="group={{ group }}" {{ extra_args }}