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Academic logo

Academic: the website builder for Hugo

The Page Builder to Easily Create Professional Websites 📰 🚀

Create a free website with Academic using Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio. Choose a beautiful color theme and build anything with the Page Builder - over 50 widgets, themes, and language packs included!

Check out the latest demo of what you'll get in less than 10 minutes, or view the showcase of personal, project, and business sites.


Key features:

  • Page builder - Create anything with widgets and elements
  • Edit any type of content - Blog posts, publications, talks, slides, projects, and more!
  • Create content in Markdown, Jupyter, or RStudio
  • Plugin System - Fully customizable color and font themes
  • Display Code and Math - Code highlighting and LaTeX math supported
  • Integrations - Google Analytics, Disqus commenting, Maps, Contact Forms, and more!
  • Beautiful Site - Simple and refreshing one page design
  • Industry-Leading SEO - Help get your website found on search engines and social media
  • Media Galleries - Display your images and videos with captions in a customizable gallery
  • Mobile Friendly - Look amazing on every screen with a mobile friendly version of your site
  • Multi-language - 15+ language packs including English, 中文, and Português
  • Multi-user - Each author gets their own profile page
  • Privacy Pack - Assists with GDPR
  • Stand Out - Bring your site to life with animation, parallax backgrounds, and scroll effects
  • One-Click Deployment - No servers. No databases. Only files.


Academic comes with automatic day (light) and night (dark) mode built-in. Alternatively, click the sun/moon icon in the top right of the Demo to set your preferred mode!

Choose a stunning theme for your site and customize it to your liking:


Browse more themes...

The Future of Technical Content Writing

Writing technical content


  • Academic Admin: An admin tool to import publications from BibTeX or import assets for an offline site
  • Academic Scripts: Scripts to help migrate content to new versions of Academic


You can choose from one of the following four methods to install:

  • one-click install using your web browser (recommended)
  • install on your computer using Git with the Command Prompt/Terminal app
  • install on your computer by downloading the ZIP files
  • install on your computer with RStudio

Install with web browser

Create your site now with Netlify 🚀

  • One-click install of Academic creates an academic-kickstart repository in your GitHub or GitLab account
  • Netlify will provide you with a customizable URL to access your new site, or get your own domain
  • Around 1-5 minutes after editing content in your repository, your site will automatically update
    • If your site fails to update, login to Netlify, click your site, go to Deploys, and review the latest deploy log for any errors
  • To easily edit your site in a rich online editor in your browser,
    • Login to Netlify and click the site you deployed with Netlify
    • Go to Settings > Identity, and select Enable Identity service
    • Under Registration preferences, select Invite Only
    • Scroll down to Services > Git Gateway, and click Enable Git Gateway
    • Head over to to view your content management panel and begin publishing content
    • For support with Netlify CMS admin panel, refer to the Netlify CMS docs and the very active Netlify CMS community
  • To edit your site in a Markdown editor on your computer,

Once you have followed the link above to automatically install Academic, head on over to your new academic-kickstart repository in your GitHub (or GitLab) account and personalize your site by editing the files in config/_default/. Shortly after saving (i.e. committing a file), your site will automatically update.

View the Homepage Builder and Content guides to learn how to add widgets and content. For inspiration, refer to the Markdown content which powers the Demo.

Install with Git



  1. Fork the Academic Kickstart repository to create a new website

    • If you already created your site with Netlify, then skip this step
  2. Clone your fork to your computer with Git, replacing sourcethemes in the command below with your GitHub username:

    git clone My_Website
  3. Initialize the theme:

    cd My_Website
    git submodule update --init --recursive

Install with ZIP



  1. Download and extract Academic Kickstart
  2. Download and extract the Academic theme files from the hugo-academic-master folder to the themes/academic/ folder in Academic Kickstart

Install with RStudio

Install Academic with RStudio

Demo content

For inspiration, refer to the Markdown content which powers the Demo.

If you wish to initialise your site with the demo content, copy the contents of the themes/academic/exampleSite/ folder to your website root folder, overwriting existing files if necessary. The exampleSite folder contains an example config file and content to help you get started. The following command can be used to accomplish this:

cp -av themes/academic/exampleSite/* .

Get Started

View the guide to Personalize and Deploy your new site.


View the Update Guide.

Feel free to star the project on Github and follow @source_themes on Twitter to help keep track of updates.


Copyright 2016-present George Cushen.

Released under the MIT license.