18721 Commits (master)

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dirkf b8a86dcf1a [core] Revise 1f7c6f8 to help downstream merger (possibly) 2 weeks ago
dirkf 2389c7cbd3 [compat] Fix casefold import __all__ syntax in a19855f 2 weeks ago
dirkf ee731f3d00 [ITV] Fix UA capitalisation in 384f632 2 weeks ago
dirkf 1f7c6f8b2b [core] Further improve platform debug log 2 weeks ago
dirkf d89c2137ba [jsinterp] Small updates for a85a875 2 weeks ago
dirkf d1c6c5c4d6 [core] Improve platform debug log, based on yt-dlp 4 weeks ago
dirkf 6ed3433828 [jsinterp] Add short-cut evaluation for common expression 4 weeks ago
dirkf a85a875fef [jsinterp] Handle NaN in bitwise operators 4 weeks ago
dirkf 11cc3f3ad0 [utils] Fix `compiled_regex_type` in 249f2b6 4 weeks ago
dirkf 64d6dd64c8 [YouTube] Support Releases tab 1 month ago
dirkf 211cbfd5d4 [jsinterp] Minimally handle arithmetic operator precedence 2 months ago
dirkf 26035bde46 [DashSegmentsFD] Correctly detect errors when `fragment_retries` == 0 2 months ago
dirkf 2da3fa04a6 [YouTube] Simplify signature patterns 2 months ago
Gabriel Nagy 735e87adfc
[core] Sanitize info dict before dumping JSON (fixes fe7e130) (#32032) 2 months ago
dirkf fe7e13066c [core] Add and use sanitize_info() method from yt-dlp 2 months ago
dirkf 213d1d91bf [core] No longer importing copy 2 months ago
dirkf f8253a5289 [core] Avoid deepcopy of ctx dict (fix f35b757) (Pt 2) 2 months ago
dirkf d6ae3b77cd [core] Avoid deepcopy of ctx dict (fix f35b757) 2 months ago
dirkf 9f4d83ff42 [options] Add --mtime option, unsets default --no-mtime 2 months ago
dirkf 25124bd640 [devscripts] Improve hack to convert command-line options to API options 2 months ago
dirkf 78da22489b [compat] Add and use `compat_open()` like Py3 `open()` 2 months ago
dirkf 557dbac173 [FragmentFD] Fix iteration with infinite limit 2 months ago
dirkf cdf40b6aa6 [test] Update tests for Ubuntu 20.04 2 months ago
pukkandan 3f6d2bd76f [extractor/youtube] Bypass throttling for `-f17` 3 months ago
pukkandan 88f28f620b [extractor/youtube] Construct fragment list lazily 3 months ago
dirkf f35b757c82 [utils] Ensure `allow_types` for `variadic()` is a tuple 3 months ago
dirkf 45495228b7 [downloader/http] Only check for resumability when actually resuming 3 months ago
dirkf 6fece0a96b [AENetworksBaseIE] Report missing show data instead of crash 3 months ago
dirkf 70ff013910 [devscripts] Add a hack to convert command-line options to API options 3 months ago
dirkf e8de54bce5 [core] Handle `/../` sequences in HTTP URLs 3 months ago
dirkf baa6c5e95c [FragmentFD] Respect `--no-continue` 3 months ago
dirkf 5c985d4f81 [downloader] Let _ffmpeg_ handle DASH segments 3 months ago
dirkf 8c86fd33dc
[doc] Improve "guidance" on bug reporting 3 months ago
Sophira 27d41d7365
[doc] Recommend "Get cookies.txt LOCALLY" extension in README.md (#31763) 3 months ago
dirkf 0402710227 [jsinterp] Fix regexp parsing and .replace[All] method 3 months ago
pukkandan 3e92c60fcd [jsinterp] Handle `Date` at epoch 0 3 months ago
pukkandan 3da17834a4 [Youtube] Construct dash formats with `range` query 3 months ago
dirkf f7ce98a21e [YouTube] Support @owner format in uploader_id etc 3 months ago
dirkf e67e52a8f8 [test] Support test-case with volatile ID (eg live show) 3 months ago
pukkandan 1d3751c3fe Escape URLs in `sanitized_Request`, not `sanitize_url` d2558234cf5dd12d6896eed5427b7dcdb3ab7b5a added escaping of URLs while sanitizing. However, `sanitize_url` may not always receive an actual URL. Eg: When using `youtube-dl "search query" --default-search ytsearch`, `search query` gets escaped to `search%20query` before being prefixed with `ytsearch:` which is not the intended behavior. So the escaping is moved to `sanitized_Request` instead. 4 months ago
df 6067451e43 [Vimeo] Fix e19ec52 for tween-age Pythons 4 months ago
dirkf 57802e632f [jsinterp] Fix dict comprehension for Py2.6 4 months ago
dirkf 2dd6c6edd8
[YouTube] Avoid crash if uploader_id extraction fails 4 months ago
dirkf dd9aa74bee [test] Avoid name TestIE which causes a pytest warning 4 months ago
dirkf 42b098dd79 [InfoExtractor] Handle unquoted values in OpenGraph searches 4 months ago
fonkap 6f8c2635a5 [StreamsbIE] Add extractor for streamsb.com (viewsb.com) (#31517) 4 months ago
fonkap de48105dd8 [KommunetvIE] Add extractor for kommunetv.no (#31516) 4 months ago
fonkap 822f19f05d [FileMoonIE] Add extractor for filemoon.sx (#31515) 4 months ago
teddy171 33db85c571 [feat]: Add support to external downloader aria2p (#31500) 4 months ago
Valentin Metz f33923cba7 [rbgtum] Add new extractor (#31305) 4 months ago